Secura Key e-ACCESS 2 Access Control System Kit

The SK-ACPE Advanced Control Panel is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, two-door access control unit. The SK-ACPE is the new version of the legendary SK-ACP, featuring built-in Ethernet, improved surge suppression, more transaction storage and a faster 32-bit ARM Cortex RISC Processor.

Kit includes:
- SK-ACPE 2-door panel
- (2) Wallswitch Readers
- SK-NET Access Control Software
- (25) ETCI04 e*Tag Contactless Smart Cards
- Power Supply
- PC Cable
Part Number: eACCESS2

$1,208.97 each


Secura Key e-ACCESS 2 Access Control System Kit

Easy to learn and easy to install, without compromising quality or sacrificing critical features, the convenient e*ACCESS2 kit contains everything you need for a complete two-door, expandable system.

Secura Key’s feature-filled SK-NET software, along with the SK-ACPE advanced control panel, make this a state-of-the-art package.

eACCESS2 Kit Includes

  • (2) ET4-WXS Wallswitch Readers, Beige
  • SK-ACPE 2-door panel - includes Ethernet adapters
  • SK-24VDC Power Supply
  • SK-NET Access Control Software
  • (25) ETCI04 e*Tag Contactless Smart Cards
  • PC cable

System Features

  • Panel Stores 65,000 Cards and 4800 Events
  • Two Wiegand Reader Inputs per panel
  • Two Programmable Inputs and Outputs per Reader
  • 15 Programmable Time Zones with Graphic Interface
  • Software Controls up to 200 Doors per location
  • Real and Timed Antipassback
  • Transaction, User and Reader Reports with Filtering
  • CCTV integration
  • Optional Multi-Location Software with Dial-up Modem and TCP/IP Capability
  • Available integrated photo ID Badging
  • Optional plug-in Wireless LAN module (SK-WLSE-MOD)
  • Reader Size: 4.50" x 3.20" x 0.84"

eACCESS2 Data Sheet

eACCESS2 Worksheet

ET4-WXS Wallswitch Reader Data Sheet

ET4-WXS Wallswitch Reader Installation Guide

Product e-ACCESS Starter Kit
Kit Includes 2-Door Control Panel, Circuit Board and Connectors, ETCI04 e*Tag Contactless Smart Cards, PC Cable, Power Supply, SK-NET Access Control Software, Wallswitch Readers
Number Of Cards Included 25
Compatible Cards e*Tag
Compatible SK-NET System e*ACCESS
Reader Width Switchplate (Single Gang)
Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.

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