Secura Key RKCM-02 Radio Key Proximity Card w/ 26- or 32-Bit Access Control Data and Laser Engraving

SecuraKey RKCM-02 Radio Key Molded Clamshell Card, Sequentially Numbered with Facility Code
Part Number: RKCM-02
Minimum of 100
$2.5403 each x 100
$254.03 subtotal
Quantity Price Each

Maximum number of characters: 12

Maximum number of characters: 12

Minimum of 100
$2.5403 each x 100
$254.03 subtotal


Secura Key RKCM-02 Radio Key Proximity Card w/ 26- or 32-Bit Access Control Data and Laser Engraving

26 or 32 Bit Format. Can stand up to rough usage while providing superior read range. Can be carried with credit cards in a wallet or purse. 50 piece minimum. Must supply sequential Card Numbering and Facility Code.

These clamshell cards are sized with a thicker rugged ABS card body which allows thicker antenna windings than ISO card, resulting in superior reading range. Each card includes a molded slot for a strap and clip, allowing it to be used as an ID badge in a vertical orientation. These cards can be printed on some reverse-transfer card printers that can accept cards more than 0.065" thick. An optional adhesive-backed PVC label can be used with most direct image and thermal transfer printers to add photo ID capability to the card. Laser engraved card numbering is included.


• Card Thickness: 0.65"
• Material: Rugged ABS
• Includes Laser Engraved Card Numbering
• Included Molded Slot For A Strap Or Clip
• Dimensions: 2.125" Wide x 3.375" Long x 0.065" Thick
• Can Be Used As An ID Badge In Vertical Orientation

Available In HID® Formats:

The Secura Key RKST01 Encoded Trapezoidal Proximity Key Tag is available in HID Formats. To learn more about format options or to order a different format than the Standard Format 701, call (800) 878-7829.

SK Format No. HID® Format No. Description
Format 701 H10301 SIA Standard 26-bit Wiegand
Format 702 N10002 Honeywell/Northern 34-bit Wiegand
Format 703 H10304 HID® 37-bit Wiegand With Facility Code*
Format 704 H10302 HID® 37-bit Wiegand No Facility Code*

*HID® 37-bit Format Not Compatible With Securakey Systems

Proximity Card and Keytag Specifications

SecuraKey Card Ordering Guide

Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.
Access Type Clamshell Card
Card Type Proximity
Thickness .065"
Custom Printing Available