Secura Key SK-HUB2 Multi-Purpose Wireless Reader Connection Hub

The SK-HUB2 is a Required Radio Hub to connect a Nova16 to the Wireless Readers. Unit will handle up to 16 Wireless Readers.
Part Number: SK-HUB2

$268.66 each


Secura Key SK-HUB2 Multi-Purpose Wireless Reader Connection Hub

The SK-HUB2 is a single, multi-purpose device specifically designed to easily connect your wireless readers with the NOVA.16. It may also be tasked to act as a bridge to connect 2 NOVA.16s with no Ethernet connection or to act as a wireless signal repeater to extend the range of the wireless readers. The SK-HUB2 enables enormous flexibility in the planning process and reduces costs significantly in the installation process.



General Information
  • Powered directly from the NOVA.16, no external power required
  • Auto configuration
  • Weather resistant NEMA housing for Indoor/Outdoor application
  • LED indicators (for power, communications, activity)
  • Can be connected up to 4000’ from the NOVA.16 anywhere on the 485 Network
  • 1 HUB for up to 16 wireless Smart Readers
  • Field configurable as:
    • HUB: Connects NOVA.16 and up to 16 readers
    • Bridge: Connects 2 NOVA.16s with no Ethernet connection
    • Repeater: Extends wireless signal range
  • Enables enormous flexibility in installation process



With e*Tag® Wireless Smart Readers
  • AES encryption ensures secure data delivery
  • Data communications from the NOVA.16 controller
  • 1000’ line of sight
  • Connect to the NOVA.16 Controller via a proprietary wireless protocol
  • Send card data to the NOVA.16 Controller and receive access granted, access denied and output control commands from the NOVA.16 Controller
  • Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Smart Readers have an on-board solidstate relay plus 4 inputs and 2 open collector outputs
  • All door connectivity (Strike, Latch, REX, Door Monitor, Aux Inputs and Outputs) is at the Smart Reader


    With SK-MRCP (16-door panel)
  • Each panel handles up to 16 Smart Readers (SR)
  • Efficient Architecture using RS485 Hi-Speed peripheral network
  • Built in Ethernet connection
  • 4000’ total distance
  • Continual Monitoring of backup battery status
  • On board gas discharge suppressors for extreme weather considerations
  • Utilizes easy to learn and use SK-NET Software


    With e*Tag® (HF) Cards and Keytags
  • Meets the ISO 15693 International Standard
  • DES encryption
  • 13.56MHz Contactless Smart Cards and Keytags encoded in 26 or 32 bit formats
  • Memory range from 2K to 10k bits
  • Custom 4-color graphics available
  • ISO cards available with glossy white for dye-sublimation and in- house photo-id printing

    SK-HUB2 Data Sheet

    Name Secura Key SK-HUB2 Multi-Purpose Wireless Reader Connection Hub
    Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.
    Price $268.66