Secura Key DT-SYSKIT-1 Low Frequency 2-Door Dual Technology Access Control Starter Kit (25 Cards)

The Secura Key 2-Door Dual Technology Access Control Starter Kit is a full kit that includes two Low Frequency Dual Technology Mullion Proximity Readers, a 2-Door Control Panel (with ethernet, board, and connectors), Software, DC Supply, and 25 Clamshell Cards. At an unbeatable price, this all included kit is perfect for starting up a dual access control system for two doors.

Part Number: DT-SYSKIT-1

$1,224.93 each


Secura Key DT-SYSKIT-1 Low Frequency 2-Door Dual Technology Access Control Starter Kit (25 Cards)

Easy to learn and easy to install, without compromising quality or sacrificing critical features, these convenient SYSKITS contain everything you need for a complete two-door, expandable system. Secura Key’s feature-filled SK-NET™ software, along with the SK-ACPE-LE Advanced Control Panel make this a state-of-the-art package.

The DT-SYSKIT-1 features two RKDT-WM Dual-Technology Mullion Proximity Readers that can be used where both HID® and Secura Key cards are combined at the same facility, or where customers are transitioning from HID® cards to Secura Key cards. The reader can also be set to read individual card types, both at the same time, or following a transition period, reading capabilities for either card technology can be disabled.

Kit Includes:

System Features:

  • Panel Stores Up To 65,000 Cards and 10000 Events
  • Two Wiegand Reader Inputs per panel
  • Two Programmable Inputs and Outputs Per Reader
  • Two Dual Technology Mullion Proximity Readers Capable of Reading HID® and/or Secura Key Cards
  • 15 Programmable Time Zones with Graphic Interface
  • Software Controls up to 200 Doors per location
  • Real and Timed Antipassback
  • Transaction, User and Reader Reports with Filtering
  • CCTV integration
  • Optional Multi-Location Software with Dial-up Modem and TCP/IP Capability
  • Built-in Ethernet Adapter
  • Available integrated photo ID Badging
  • Optional plug-in Wireless LAN modules (SK-WLSE-MOD)

RKDT-WM Spec Sheet

SK-ACPE-LE Spec Sheet

Product SYS Starter Kit
Kit Includes 2-Door Control Panel, Circuit Board and Connectors, Mullion Readers, Power Supply, SK-NET Access Control Software
Type Wiegand
Number Of Cards Included 25
Compatible Cards HID, Radio Key
Reader Width Mullion
Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.