Secura Key RK65KS-KIT1 Standalone Single Door Access Control Kit

This item has been discontinued and replaced by the Secura Key RKDT-SA-S Radio Key Dual Technology Proximity Reader.
Part Number: RK65KS-KIT1


Secura Key RK65KS-KIT1 Standalone Single Door Access Control Kit

To make ordering a single door access control system as easy and convenient as possible, we now have a complete bundle which includes all the necessary components for a single-door standalone access control installation. This kit includes the powerful RK65KS proximity card reader. This indoor/outdoor, password protected robust reader can manage up to 65,000 users with sequentially numbered cards or keytags, all easily managed with the included RK-HHP handheld programmer. Also included in this kit is the required power supply, as well as 10 RKKT-02 proximity keytags to get you started.

This complete kit removes all the compatibility guesswork in selecting the required compatible components for a complete single-door access control system. Just add a door locking device or gate operator with a separate power supply for a complete access control system.

This kit is also perfect if you see yourself expanding your access system in the future. The included RK65KS reader has a Wiegand output so it can easily be connected to a multi-door access or telephone entry system, without having to switch to a new reader. The keytags included with the kit are fully compatible with Secura Key's SYSKIT 2 door proximity access control kits.

User Capacity: 65,000 sequentially numbered cards

Reader Color: Beige

Reader Size: 4.5" x 3.2" x 0.84"

Complete Kit Includes:

RK-65KS Manual

RK-65KS Installation Guide

RK65KS-KIT1 Data Sheet

Name Secura Key RK65KS-KIT1 Standalone Single Door Access Control Kit
Type Standalone
User Capacity 65,000 sequentially numbered cards
Compatible Cards Radio Key
Reader Width Switchplate (Single Gang)
Color Beige
Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.
Price $315.17