Secura Key RK600e Standalone Radio Key Proximity Card Reader w/ Auto Tuning for Superior Read Range

The RK600e provides complete access control for up to 600 users, using random-numbered cards or key tags, and can be programmed easily with a RK-HHP handheld programmer.
Part Number: RK600e

$244.72 each


Secura Key RK600e Standalone Radio Key Proximity Card Reader w/ Auto Tuning for Superior Read Range

The RK600e is the perfect standalone proximity card reader for single-door access control. The Radio Key® RK600e is a fully programmable, stand-alone access control system that allows for easy proximity card or keytag entry for up to 600 users. This compact surface mounted access control unit is also weather resistant.

The RK600e is easy to program using the RK-HHP handheld programming device, simply hold it in front of the reader and use the keys to add and delete users as well as set the latch timer or change the operating mode.

You can pair the optional RKAR auxiliary reader with this RK600e reader for extra security in your access control system. Mounting the auxiliary reader outside prevents unwanted entry being obtained by tampering with the reader. When the RK600e is installed with this auxiliary reader, you can use the RK600e as an exit reader and as an enrollment reader.

While both units easily mount to a single-gang electrical box, masonry wall, post, or other standard surface, you can also use the glass mounting kit to increase security a step further by mounting both the auxiliary reader and the primary RK600e reader behind glass.

Using the RKAT audit trail module will allow you to connect this access control system to a PC or serial printer and includes software that includes many extra features such as providing reports on transaction history, allows programming of proximity tags, a user name database, making backups and restorations, and modifying other reader settings.

This reader is also available as the RK600 proximity reader & keypad which offers all the same features as this RK600e but with a built in keypad to allow mixed use between keypad entry and proximity card entry.

User Capacity: 600 PINs or random numbered cards

Color: Beige

Size: 4.5" x 3.2" x 0.84"

Key Features

  • Weather Resistant for Outdoor Locations: Conformal coated
  • 125 kHz Proximity Technology
  • Dynascan® Auto Tuning for Superior Read Range
  • Up to 6" Read Distance
  • No Control Panel Required
  • Program with Handheld Programmer or Proximity Card Deck
  • Connect PC or Serial Printer with Optional Audit Trail Module
  • Optional Auxiliary Reader for High-Security / Extreme Weather Conditions
  • UL294, FCC and CE Regulatory Approvals

RK-600e Operating Guide

RK-600e Data Sheet

SKU RK600e
Compatible Controller Standalone
Type Standalone
User Capacity 600 PINs or random numbered cards
Compatible Cards Radio Key
Reader Width Switchplate (Single Gang)
Color Beige
Manufacturer SecuraKey, Inc.

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