Proxy Access Control System

The e*Access Proxy Access Control System combines state-of-the-art technology with Securakey's wide variety of options to give customers the perfect contactless, or touch card readers with the best entry systems software and circuitry. The e*Access entry control systems kits have three main features which make them the ultimately ideal proxy access control system.

The first key feature to the e*Access Systems is the SK-NET feature-filled Windows-based software. The SK-NET  allows anywhere from 200 to a literally unlimited number of locations with the SK-NET-MLD via a designated dial-up modem or TCP/IP. By using the SK-ACP control panel you can create the ultimate system by choosing the SK-NET-MLD and linking an infinate number of control boards to your system. You also may give client/server lisceneses of the software to different work stations allowing the entry logs and security video feed (if purchased and applied) to be monitored, and managed from multiple remote locations. This software includes a badge/ID printing program allowing proffessionally designed ID proxy access control cards as well. 

The second key feature is the integration of the SK-ACP control panel. The SK-ACP control panel is what makes the e*Access proxy access control system the best in its class. The SK-ACP advanced control panel is a highly refined two-door proxy control unit. Supporting almost every card technology, and with standard Wiegand output compatibility, the unit allows the operation of two doors simultaneously but completely independent of each other.  Each door has separate node addresses, two programmable inputs with the option of user-defined commands, and two programmable outputs. 

The third feature is what really shows the proximity technology. The e*Access Proxy Access Control Systems, comes with the new e*Tag contactless smart card technology allowing your customized printed badges to give your customers entry with the flick of a wrist and no contact between the reader. 


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